"You don't need to be on every social platform to drive your business. Let's build a strategy that works for your unique focus! "



Whether your focus is to build an online community, grow your customer database, drive website visits, generate higher revenue or engage - let's work together to determine a plan of action that will impact your bottom line!


I managed and measured a content strategy for Drake International that led to organically growing Drake International's social pages resulting in 36,703 total followers, a 74% increase in 2 years. 


In the same timespan, I successfully increased overall revenue in permanent recruitment by 52.72% which involved generating business recruitment opportunities and attracting talent. 


This content strategy for Drake crafted towards multiple unique audiences and included the use of;


- Sponsored ad campaigns (LinkedIn + Facebook)

- The production of a recruitment video (Website + YouTube)

- Improved website content + experience

- Email marketing for clients + candidates

- Promotion + content posting for the Drake blog 

- Webinars + seminars 

Have you implemented a content strategy to help your business generate qualified leads and grow your revenue? Contact me to learn how I can help you grow your social pages, generate a qualified email list and grow your business.