"Digital campaigns can be as simple or as complex as you like. It all comes down to your budget and how big of an impact your business wants to make!"



In 2016, I took a contract role at Microsoft as an eCommerce project manager for digital campaigns. 


With a focus on inspiring people to reach their full potential and having the best technology to do so - I was a part of the planning and project management of omni-channel campaigns that were impactful and produced a generous ROI. 


I collaborated with various internal stakeholders on the development of marketing support plans and oversaw program deliverables for 17+ seasonal campaigns. I constructed detailed post-mortems which included campaign insights and learnings, which I then presented back to digital store teams and leadership.  


Aligning with campaign priorities, I contributed to the optimization of the MicrosoftStore.com Sale page, resulting in a 16% increase in revenue participation, 12% increase in orders participation, and 4% increase in average order value. 


Digital campaigns can help your business strategically engage with your audience and positively impact your bottom-line. Contact me to discuss your marketing strategy.